Nov 022006

I usually finish off my daily lunch break by reading through the day’s copy of the Collegian. Although I enjoy reading it, the Collegian is terribly biased. What’s up with that? When I pick up a newspaper, I expect to hear both sides of an issue, or to hear the news from an unbiased perspective. Contrary to popular belief, there are many students at CSU who are not Democrats, who define marriage as a union between one man and one woman, and who believe in God. I’m all about equal rights and cultural sensitivity, as most of my close friends and coworkers come from different countries and carry different religious/political beliefs than my own. However, anymore, I pick up the Collegian and see nothing but hypocrisy. People are constantly writing about how wrong it is to disallow gay marriage and that even believing in a God is “brainless”, yet you claim to be all about tolerance and sensitivity…except when it comes to Christians and Republicans, right? It’s ok to persecute them. Please report the news from both perspectives, and stop allowing the Collegian to be a one-sided political advertisement, because it’s downright offensive. If you’re a real newspaper, you will.

Kevin Depue

graduate student

computer science

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