To the Editor:

Oct 312006

Unfortunately for the readers of the Collegian, each week we have to skip over Nick Hemenway’s column on current events.

Or, if we do happen to read his column, we are subjected to a verbatim regurgitation of whatever the Republican Party leadership was spouting off the week before. Don’t get me wrong. I am not advocating that he should be denied his weekly column or silenced in any way.

However, I am challenging him to offer something – anything – new to the discourse in American politics. Nick, instead of listening to President Bush’s weekly radio address or a Tony Snow press conference and passing off a transcript of it as your column, I challenge you to come up with something new to tell us.

You don’t even have to think of it yourself. Find a site on the Internet that analyzes the economy and tell us about that. For example, why don’t you spend some time actually researching why lower taxes may help the economy? Cite some statistics. Convince us you’re right.

Please stop wasting our time by repeating things that we’re all tired of hearing and avoiding real debate on issues that are far more important than the slogans that are used to represent them.

Matt Ruiz

graduate student

computer science

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