Oct 312006

We agree wholeheartedly with the recent poll that the cost of education is the single most important issue for students.

That’s among the main reasons we chose to endorse Democrats Bill Ritter for governor and Angie Paccione for the 4th Congressional

District, and, of course, Referendums C and D last year.

It’s simple.

The Republican gubernatorial candidate for Colorado, Bob Beauprez, has said that he would be in favor of removing any cap on our tuitions.

This means that there would be no limits to how high tuition would

rise. This is undeniably anti-student – we don’t care how much he

claims to be pro-education.

Marilyn Musgrave was staunchly against Referendum C, despite the fact that if it wouldn’t have passed, Colorado universities’ tuitions could have jumped by a quarter or more. And her only substantial recent “pro-education” action was really part of her

anti-immigration ploy.

We believe that Musgrave won’t touch it if it doesn’t have to do with her party’s hot-button flavors of the year – gay marriage, illegal immigration, the war on terror.

And unfortunately, for quite some time, that’s worked.

So while Musgrave and Beauprez may claim that with the election of Democrat, moral decay, skyrocketing taxes and mass illegal immigration will follow, we’ll pose a simple question:

Did we really see any of that when Bill Clinton was in office?

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