Thriller in the Rec

Oct 302006

Michael Jackson’s 1983 hit, Thriller, made a comeback Monday night as students gathered in the recreation center to shake and shimmy Michael Jackson style. During the event, students learned the steps to the dance in a Halloween celebration.

“It’s the Thriller, its like zombies and scary, it kind of fits the scary ghosts and goblins type idea,” said Mandy McLeland, the instructor for the Thriller event.

For Alex Griffin, a sophomore construction management and business major, Michael Jackson is an icon.

“I came out because Michael Jackson, as a musician, was my idol,” Griffin said.

While some of the patrons came because they are loyal fans of Michael Jackson, others like Meghan Tabberson, a freshman human development major, were inspired to attend by the rendition of the dance in the movie, “13 going on 30.”

And for others, it was a chance to let loose.

“It’s fun to be a dork sometimes, come on lets be honest,” said Marie Myers, a senior archeology major.

Nicole LaRocque, the strength and fitness coordinator for the rec center said that anybody could learn to dance the Thriller.

“We have people who have two left feet and people who dance all the time,” said LaRocque.

McLeLand said that with the exception of a few tricky steps, the dance is easy to learn. She learned the steps to the Thriller last year when she attended the event.

“I remembered most of it so I just had to watch the video a few times to remember some of the steps,” said McLeland.

LaRocque said that CSU has been celebrating Halloween with the Thriller since 2001, when students first mentioned the idea.

“It’s ever popular and ever growing, (students) expect it, they actually enjoy it,” said LaRocque.

She said that since CSU has adopted the event, other schools have called wanting to start their own Thriller event.

The event also included a zombie costume contest and a raffle drawing. Ryan Avery, a senior technical journalism major and Robin Le Sech, a sophomore theatre major, won the contest with their zombie prom queen and king costumes.

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