Oct 302006

With all the seemingly “pro-pot” editorials we have written, we must make something clear: marijuana is not good for you. It doesn’t have the nutritional value of, say, a granola bar. It will probably make you lazy and too much of it could rob you of your ambition.

And this goes without saying, it clearly impairs your ability to think (that’s kind of the point, though).

So, to make clear, the Rocky Mountain Collegian does not support pot consumption. Or alcohol consumption. Or French fries consumption. Or reading People magazine

But we will fight to defend your right to make a fool out of yourself at a party and spend hours vomiting afterward; clog your arteries with America’s favorite side order; and have a superficial take on life.

And to be consistent, we will fight for your right to feel that special giggly feeling after smoking the plant. Ladies and gentleman, freedom is on the march. We know this because our president says so.

But with all this freedom running around in foreign lands like a drunken sailor thrashing a broken beer bottle at anyone in sight, though, one would think giving people the choice of a drug clearly more benign than legal alcohol wouldn’t even be up for debate in America. But for some outdated, puritanical reason, it is. Let’s change that next Tuesday.

Vote “yes” on Amendment 44.

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