Oct 302006
Authors: Hilary Davis

Trick-or-treaters of the college set will be begging for a treat a little different today.

Instead of the normal confections of caramel and chocolate, some will be asking for rice, beans and extra guacamole for their Boo-rito.

“The Chipotle near CSU is one of the top restaurants in the country for this promotion,” said Jimmy Guerrette, an apprentice manager at the Chipotle at the intersection of College Avenue and Laurel Street. “. CSU always blows everybody out of the water. For college students, a free burrito is a very big deal.”

Since the Colorado-based restaurant’s founding in 1993, Chipotle has been giving away a free burrito to every customer who comes dressed as a burrito on Halloween.

Yes, a burrito.

“Most people just wrap themselves in aluminum foil, but I’ve seen some people get very creative,” Guerrette said. “I’ve seen women dressed in bikini tops and skirts, some people come as the Tin Man, I saw a salad once, one guy even dressed as a giant bag of chips – that was a good one.”

Boo-rito has been around for as long as Guerrette can remember, and he cites Chipotle’s creator Steve Ells’ commitment to the community as the main reason.

“This has been going on since 1993 when the company started,” Guerrette said. “It was important to Steve Ells to show customer appreciation. It’s become a fun day for Chipotle and the community to enjoy, and we’re glad that people come in to taste the integrity of food we have here.”

Guerrette estimates that more than 1,000 people attend Boo-rito at the Chipotle by campus each year. Last year the line circled the inside of the restaurant twice and then went out the door.

And that’s because for many CSU students Boo-rito has become a yearly tradition.

“My freshman year, my roommate and I dressed up like little girl and boy burritos,” said senior agricultural business major Dana Alexander. “I always go, everyone goes, so it’s really fun to see all your friends standing in line dressed ridiculously.”

However, Boo-rito is not for amateurs. Veteran participants offered a few words of wisdom for those who are getting their first taste of free-burrito goodness.

“Plan to dress warm under your aluminum foil,” Guerrette said. “The line always goes out the door, and it’s cold outside.”

“Make sure you hit the grocery store before everyone else does,” Alexander added. “Otherwise you won’t be able to find any foil.”

However people come dressed, Guerrette recommended appropriate costumes, asking people not to come as naked burritos.

“Be creative, but be appropriate,” Guerrette said. “We are still a family establishment.”

Staff writer Hilary Davis can be reached at news@collegian.com.


How To Become a Burrito:

STEP 1: Buy foil (lots of it) and duct tape.

STEP 2: Layer on the warm clothes.

STEP 3: Cut the foil in wide strips, for easier movement.

STEP 4: Wrap your entire body in foil.

STEP 5: Run, walk or waddle over to Chipotle and enjoy a free burrito.

Chipotle Mexican Grill

649 S. College Ave.

Free burritos served from 5 to 10 p.m.

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