Oct 262006

Does anyone else notice that a lot of doors here open up the opposite way than “normal?” I keep pushing the wrong side of the door!!

A normally complacent squirrel will flee for its life if you make a dinosaur noise around it. This proves my theory that squirrels were around with the dinosaurs, maybe during the late cretaceous period.

Has anyone else noticed that after waiting to turn left at the stoplight at Shields and Laurel, the light at Shields and Plum always turns red? So when you finally get to go, you just have to stop again. Dumb timed lighting, I’m calling CDOT!

So, I plan on showing up to the game on Saturday… does the CSU football team?

To the “Parking Nazi” who wrote me a ticket for being in the library 20-minute parking space for 24 minutes… how do you sleep at night?

This actually happened. During one of my classes the professor asked a question to the students. There was a long pause before anyone raised a hand. Finally she called on someone. The guy responded, “Oh, sorry. I was just stretching my arm.”

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