Oct 252006

The cardinal rule for campers/hikers is ‘If you pack it in, pack it out.’ The cardinal rule for CSU students with regards to classrooms seems to be ‘If you pack it in, sit in it. Someone else will clean it up.’ Rather odd way to demonstrate Ram pride.

To the couple in the BS 300 class. No foreplay in class! It’s gross and it makes all of us behind you gag!

I don’t understand how someone with only two yards per carry is still starting over someone with over four. Sonny needs to take a good look at the stats and start the player with the best record (aka Nnamdi Ohaeri).

I agree that “THE PREDATOR” isn’t doing the BEST, but he’s out there doing it even with all you haters putting him down. I’m pretty sure walk-on try-outs are in the spring so if you think you can do better go prove it. Til then, be quiet and show some Ram Pride. If I was out there playing I’d play a hell of a lot better with some student support.

It’s only during registration when you get to read that your prospective chem. teacher for next semester is described as a “mean old horse jockey” on RamRatings. I love this time of year.

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