Oct 242006

Please consider editing your paper more clearly for grammatical errors and opinions inserted as fact in your reporting.

For example, in your story titled “SAE President talks with Collegian”, Vimal Patel writes: “On Saturday, the national branch came down on the CSU chapter. Hard.”

‘Hard.’ is not a sentence. It is a fragment. Sentences must have at least a subject and action in order to be complete. Hard is neither a subject nor an action. It is used in the fragment as an adjective.

Furthermore, using ‘hard’ in the story the Collegian is effectively giving their opinion that the action was harsher than average. As readers, we do not know this as fact and would like to make the decision on our own. Try giving examples of other Greek organizations with similar problems and how they were handled. That way the reader can conclude on their own whether the implementation of Greek live rules was unduly harsh.

My opinion is that it was not too harsh. Supplying alcohol to a minor is a crime. If others knew it was going on and did nothing, that is a crime also. So far, I have heard no reports of criminal charges being levied against SAE or it’s members.

Patrick Sullivan



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