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Oct 232006

The battle for Colorado’s 4th Congressional District is well underway. Evidence can be seen on sign-covered front lawns and heard in acidic, accusatory voices in radio ads.

Angie Paccione and incumbent Marilyn Musgrave have focused their campaigns on the poor moral characters of one another. Paccione is a deadbeat. Musgrave is a hit-and-run driver.

If only they spent half of that time discussing what they would actually do while they’re in office.

We hope that this is what they’ll do at their first debate set for today – take a break from the catfight and begin behaving like the two grown-up, CSU-educated women they are.

When the Collegian editorial board goes to sleep tonight, it will dream of Paccione and Musgrave discussing the issues: What we can expect for higher education funding. Energy issues. The Iraq war.

See for yourself who sinks to mudslinging at this debate and who will actually take the democratic process seriously. The tickets to the debate, unfortunately, have been sold out. so most students won’t be able to actually be there to watch the candidates squabble in person.

But we still encourage students to tune in to the debate, broadcast live on the Web starting at 7 p.m. at www.greeleytrib.com and on the radio at KCOL and KFKA – 600 AM and 1310 AM.

Don’t underestimate your importance as a voter. Even if most of us can’t be there at the debate, the 30,000-plus-strong CSU community certainly will be able to take these candidates to task at the polls.

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