I don’t get it

Oct 232006
Authors: Aaron Kelly a.k.a. Mopro

OK, someone has to tell me what is the deal with people walking around campus in below zero weather wearing flip-flops, shorts, t-shirts and skirts. I mean can these people not feel the cold weather?

What’s the deal?

I am aware that many people come from out of state to attend CSU. Some from Texas, some from Cali, where the weather is usually warm.

Some of these students just don’t have clothes to compensate for the winter. To those people I say “BORROW SOME CLOTHES FROM YOUR FRIENDS.”

Is it really worth risking hypothermia or frost bite just to look cute on a cold day? I think not.

Next time its cold out count to see how many people you see dressed as if their going to the beach.

You’ll be amazed.

~Aaron Kelly aka Mopro

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