Oct 222006

So am I that cute guy down the block that the RamTalker earlier in the week said she wanted to climb through her window? I guess there is only one way to find out, climb through all of my female neighbor’s windows and if they don’t scream, then I’m the guy!

To whoever stole the New Belgium shell from the side of our house on Pitkin; either return it or let us know when you fill it. Thanks.

Is there a reason my professor wiggles his butt when he wipes off the white board?

Why are there 15-foot high whiteboards in classrooms? There is no way any teacher is tall enough to use them.

God, don’t worry about that cold hater – I got your back. Thanks for the winter wonderland!

Today I started a competition with my friend to see who could get in RamTalk first… pick me!

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