Oct 172006
Authors: Valerie Hisam

With body images becoming more and more extreme in Hollywood, some people are succumbing to images that are creating impossible standards.

To break the conventional view of beauty and celebrate everyone’s differences, National Love Your Body Day will be hosted today.

A day created to celebrate everyone’s bodily differences, Love Your Body Day is a part of Eating Disorders Awareness Week and focuses on how loving yourself can make for a happier, healthier lifestyle.

“It takes just one day to realize that you should live a healthier life to be happy,” said Nikki Nolan, a senior art major. “It takes one day to eat better and take care of your self better. You should try to do it one day at a time, so just one day to love your body.”

Nolan, an intern for Hillel and the Women’s Giving Circle and the president of the Vegetarian Eating Group, was the main force behind the Love Your Body Day events, which will take place from 1:30 to 5 p.m. in the Sunken Lounge in the Lory Student Center.

Students can take part in loving their bodies by getting dietary consultations, free chair massages and healthy snacks. Different groups from on- and off-campus will be there to council students on how to take care of themselves in a healthy way.

Nolan, along with the Hedy Berman, the Director of Hillel – a Jewish student organization – believes that focusing on the positive things that people can do for their bodies is the best way to celebrate the day.

“Nikki (Nolan) chose to emphasize the day in terms of being kind to your body,” Berman said. “The message is to accept your bodies and enjoy them as they are, and so we wanted to create a day that would just be fun.”

For those involved, the day is also a “reaction to the Hollywood image of beauty” that has created “this impossible standard of beauty,” said Karissa Ciarlelli, a senior technical journalism major and a member of the Campus Feminist Alliance.

“From wearing more makeup to plastic surgery, (people) constantly feel the need to improve (themselves),” Ciarlelli added. “This is how we fight back against Hollywood’s impossible standard of beauty, and for people to like who they are when they look in the mirror.”

“It is like a little treat for you body,” Berman added. “It is to contradict a lot of the images that come out TV and the media that can lower self esteem, so we counteract it. So enjoy it, celebrate it and fun with it.”

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