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Oct 162006

Tonight, the Fort Collins City Council is going to discuss, again, whether hookah bars are a threat to this community – and whether the two existing hookah bars will be the last.

And again, we at the Collegian are going to roll our eyes and shake our fists in frustration. The goal of the smoking law is to give non-smokers the ability to sit in a public place and not be assaulted with a cloud of cigarette smoke.

But do non-smokers go to hookah bars or cigar shops?

Common sense says no.

Last month, a Collegian editor interviewed council member David Roy, a staunch anti-hookah bar councilmember.

“We would be irresponsible not to realize that smoking is one of the leading causes of ill health in citizens,” Roy said. “Our first charge as city council members is to protect the health and safety of our citizens.”

The editor then asked whether Roy plans on outlawing ALL tobacco products in Fort Collins, to protect the health of its citizens.

“It’s not what we’re working on,” Roy answered. “I hadn’t thought of that larger issue at this point.”

We at the Collegian believe that the government should always err on the side of freedom, so long as it doesn’t end in harm for the innocent (which, for those counting, is considered a conservative view).

We believe that those who choose to smoke hookah are not innocent victims.

The City Council meeting is set for 6 p.m., just a few blocks north of campus at 300 LaPorte Ave.

Students had ought to show up at this meeting. Make a statement. Demand your rights.

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