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Oct 122006
Authors: GIULIA PECONE Rocky Mountain Collegian

Frankie Burns


art major with possible concentration in drawing

Giulia: What do you enjoy most about this school?

Frankie: It’s a school. It doesn’t sway me either way.

G: What are you majoring in?

F: Art with a possible concentration in drawing.

G: What interests you about art?

F: It’s very free. It’s very subjective, there’s not really a right or wrong answer. You can be an individual and still be good at something without officially having any kind of special training, I guess.

G: Are you interested in the study of art?

F: More the studio aspect. To making art, interpreting art, that sort of thing.

G: How long have you been interested in art?

F: Well everyone in my family is an artist. My brother does more left-brain architectural sort of stuff, my sister’s into cartoon anime, my mom also does the cartoon, and my dad is a painter so everyone has always had art and I’ve just always kind of had sketch pads throughout the years and have just always kind of drawn. It’s been rad!

G: You have a lot of tattoos on your body; tell me a little bit about those.

F: Um, I have six total. To say that out loud, it doesn’t sound like that many, but I really enjoy getting tattooed because it’s sort of a photo, or I guess an image of that particular time in my life. It’s something that I can look back on even if I maybe someday regret it or don’t like the design, I can look back on and say, ‘Yeah, wow. I remember this time. It reminds me of the time I did this.’ I don’t know. It’s kind of a bit of a bummer to me that it has become such a fashion statement now. Everyone and their mom has a tattoo, and that’s why I have kind of decided to keep mine relatively hidden because I know they have special meaning to me so that’s really all that matters.

G: What is the most meaningful tattoo that you have?

F: The most meaningful tattoo that I have would have to be the sun/clouds on my upper back because without the sun, there is no life. Like, if the sun decided to, for whatever reason, go out, then everything would die. Plants wouldn’t be able to photosynthesize, and then animals wouldn’t be able to eat the plants, via animals eating animals, and then everything would just kind of stop. So the sun has a great deal of respect for being just an object from me.

G: You also have a lot of piercings. When did you get your first piercing?

F: I got my first piercing when I was, like, six. It was the clich/, you know, go to the mall and get pierced with a gun. Now that it’s sort of a hobby, looking back on it, it was a bad idea. You never want to get pierced with a gun and that kind of thing. It’s more of just a, sort of a stress relief. I kind of enjoy the pre-piercing butterflies where you are like, oh crap, here it comes, and them boom it’s real fast.

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