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Authors: Hallie Woods The Rocky Mountain Collegian

I used to think restaurants in houses were dirty, classless and food poisoning-central.

That perception is now completely changed.

If you venture north on Meldrum Street from Mulberry Street, you will find the best breakfast joint in all of Fort Collins. On the corner is a small yellow house where you can find New Orleans-style cuisine, and lots of it.

Lucile’s creates egg dishes that will make you glad you got out of bed. I always go for a combination of potatoes, eggs, cheese, veggies, sausage and my favorite, avocados. If you’re a fan of eggs benedict or doughnuts, this is also the place to go.

Most meals include Lucile’s homemade biscuits, some of the best biscuits you will ever have. These large warm carbohydrates are complemented by Lucile’s homemade jams, including my favorite: Strawberry rhubarb.

Words of wisdom: Sometimes with the huge biscuit and the rich meal, one entr/e is enough for two people. Unless you’re a gigantic eater, I would split with someone and order an extra biscuit. Regardless, Lucile’s is a must before you leave Fort Collins.

For lunch I ventured over to fast-food Mexican restaurant Caf/ Mexicali. I have to admit, I used to hate this place, until this guy Dane made me go again and again, and now I’m addicted. The restaurant features the same concepts as Qdoba, Chipotle and Big City Burrito, but tastes completely different.

There is nothing “fast food-ish” about this place except the service. Freshl made tortillas are constantly waiting to be filled with steak, chicken or their famous sweet pork. While there is a selection of sauces to smother your burrito or enchilada in, I would recommend the creamy habanero sauce.

Onto other points of business, there is a coupon for Caf/ Mexicali in almost every coupon book accessible to CSU students. It can save you up to half off.

Dinner was at a small Italian restaurant off Prospect Road. Panino’s is famous for their Paninos, serves excellent thin crust pizza and pasta and their calzone imitation, The Panino, which is what I went for, is like a calzone of all varieties.

Wrapped in a crust reminiscent of their pizza crust, you can go for a Mexican panino, hot wing panino, ranch panino, pesto and even a build-your-own panino. I had the pesto, with a side of marinara sauce (a little watered down if I do say so) and was in absolute heaven.

Although the restaurant isn’t fancy in appearance, it’s big taste and cozy ambience makes up where decoration lacks.

Verve editor Hallie Woods can be reached at verve@collegian.com



400 S Meldrum

Hanks’ eggs, water, 15 percent tip



Caf/ Mexicali

2925 S College Ave

Chicken smothered burrito, water




310 W Prospect

Build-your-own panino, water, 15 percent tip


Total $23.72

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