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Authors: Anne Farrell

The next time you find yourself standing at the grocery store check-out line, reading absently through headlines like “The certain kind of sex he’s thinking about 24/7” or “Take the new love test,” you might just notice a familiar face from CSU.

Matt Wood, 26, graduated from CSU in the spring of 2002 with a bachelor’s degree in computer information services and currently works at Hewlett-Packard in Fort Collins. His hairdresser at Fantastic Sam’s submitted him to Cosmopolitan magazine as a potential “Mr. Colorado.”

The first time around, the stylist entered a couple candid shots and a letter, but that didn’t work. This year, she sent in updated acting photos and a sticky note, and that did the trick.

Wood is up against 50 other “studs” across the country for Cosmo’s “Man of the Year.”

If selected, Wood will receive major bragging rights and a prize package from LG Mobile phones.

Initially upon seeing the glossy business cards, the professional video and the huge black and white photo dawning the east entrance of the Lory Student Center, it’s easy to make negative assumptions.

“It’s like seeing an Abercrombie model in person, but here, in clothes,” said Wes Fuller, a sophomore electrical engineering major. “I thought it was awkward to see a guy representing male slut-hood. He was no Brad Pitt. He was more like a third-world Tom Brady.”

Wood, it appears, defies that stereotype and wants to use the prize if selected to start a community studio for kids to teach music, acting, songwriting and film production.

Monday afternoon Wood spoke to students at Fort Collins High School about the studio and received curious responses from about 100 students.

“If you want to get into this industry (entertainment) you need to know who you are or someone else is going to tell you for you,” he said. “We are trying to do something in the community to make it more than just a contest and just one guy…We’re more serious then most of the other bachelors because it’s not about me and winning a contest.”

The contestants will be appearing on the Today Show on Tuesday and the official winner will be announced the following Monday.

“I’m really excited for Matt because I don’t know anyone else who deserves it more,” said Jen Stein, a junior construction management major. “He is the most humble person I know, for him to get all this attention is weird for him, but he still has a good head on his shoulders and a heart of gold.”

Voting for “Man of the Year” will take place at Cosmopolitan Online through today, and anyone interested in meeting Wood personally can do so by stopping by the east entrance LSC Flea market.

Staff writer Anne Farrell can be reached at news@collegian.com.

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