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Oct 102006

Grow up and stop the mudslinging

It’s annoying. It’s immature. And it’s gone too far.

The election is important – no doubt about it. Voters have many important measures and candidates to consider before they head to the polls in November.

But instead of mature advertisements promoting candidates and publicizing issues, campaign propaganda has dissolved into something more like tabloid fodder than educational and accurate information.

Instead of counting their own accomplishments, candidates slay their opponents’ reputations.

We’ve said before that Paccione and Musgrave are acting like teenagers vying for prom queen. Now they’ve regressed to behaving like children slinging mud on the playground at recess.

We can avoid the commercials on TV and the radio if they bother us. But now the National Republican Congressional Committee even set up a machine to call people’s cell phones and leave messages from an unknown number. In the message, which was not approved by Marilyn Musgrave, a tinny, recorded voice says, “.Angie Paccione is wrong on taxes and wrong for Colorado.”

That’s not campaigning – that’s obnoxious.

All the candidates and campaigners who are recklessly trashing their opponents need to grow up and act like politicians running for office and stop acting like bickering children in the sandbox.

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