Oct 092006
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

Hey kid, you want to smoke some pot?

Better yet, you want it to be legal in Colorado?

Then take some time out of your day today and register to vote in the November election.

Today’s the last day to register.

Several issues will be decided, including everything from rights for same-sex couples and whether marriage should be defined in the Constitution to whether small amounts of pot possession should be legal and the minimum wage boosted.

On top of that, there’s the governor’s race, which features a CSU alum, along with a slugfest for the 4th Congressional District, which features two CSU alums.

Students are an apathetic bunch, that’s a given.

But there are several issues here that deserve your attention.

The stakes here are simply just too high.

Do you believe the minimum wage is currently too low?

Then help change it!

Or do you think a drastic change in the minimum wage would stifle the economy?

Then help keep it the same!

If you think pot is a benign drug and are wondering why it was ever illegal in the first place, then for just a little bit, stop smoking it and pick up that voter registration form instead.

No matter what you believe, or why, don’t just sit there. Take part in the shaping of your laws and government.

There are still lots of people in the world who would risk their lives for what we take for granted: the simple ability to vote.

Don’t squander that right.

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