Oct 082006

One program at the Diversity Conference was an absolute disappointment.

The War, Religion and Cultural Sensitivity workshop was truly a disappointment and a reminder that even professors in an academic setting should be questioned as to their personal agenda and what they are teaching.

Dr. James Lindsay should have been an attendee at some of the diversity workshops rather than an expert panel guest speaker. I might suggest taking a class on cultural sensitivity, generalizations and the negative impact of stereotyping a group of people.

At no time through the entire hour did Dr. James Lindsay exhibit his academic expertise about Middle East history. Sadly he used generalizations about Muslims and their beliefs and what is being preached “every Friday in the mosques.”

It is extremely disappointing that the Assistant Director of Student Media, Holly Wolcott, chose to hold a panel of experts that seem to be completely one-sided.

The room was packed with people interested in seeing what could have been a wonderful opportunity to discuss real issues and facts only to be disappointed.

Khristy Preston

CSU staff member

 Posted by at 5:00 pm

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