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Oct 052006

I think they should make a sequel to “Ten Things I Hate About You” called

“Ten Things I hate about U2.”

There seems to be an epidemic of girls at CSU who will accept a date with a nice guy and then try to wiggle their way out. Girls: If he’s in the friend zone, tell him from the start; don’t lead him on!

Facebookers: If you poke me again I’m gonna bite that frickin’ finger off.

Does anyone know what the current tally is on the number of days that gross umbrella has been half-submerged in the lagoon outside of the Lory Student Center?

Stop time if you must, but let me know when you plan on doing so. I’d hate to be stuck on the can forever.

I’ve always been a bit flustered and annoyed by the pedestrian, biker and motorist interactions on campus, but now I’m just at a loss. Today I saw a girl riding her bike and texting on her cell phone. They say texting while driving is just as dangerous as drinking and driving; I wonder what they would have to say about texting and biking.

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