Oct 042006

To the guy I always see in the library… I think it’s time to cut off your spring break wristbands. I know by now that you must have had a C-R-A-A-A-Z-Y time.

Has anyone noticed that the unfinished Noodles on Laurel and College looks like the newly painted Clark building? However, I’m pretty sure it will never be done.

So I was sitting awkwardly in my desk in Clark when I looked around and realized that there wasn’t a single left-handed desk in the huge room! Discrimination!

To all you Chuck Norris fans: Years ago I met one of his bodyguards and have an autographed picture, for the right price it can be yours. I’ll even frame it.

With the tuition I pay, you would think that we could afford a mini-golf course on campus.

So, I was walking back from class today, admiring the color of the leaves when I spotted a squirrel in the Plaza and I swear it was wearing a collar. To the person who lost their pet… do you think I could get a reward for finding it? It would really be great to have some extra money for rent next month.

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