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Oct 042006
Authors: CALLIE MOENCH The Rocky Mountain Collegian

There’s more construction on the Plaza today, but not the kind students have been seeing all semester.

From 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on the Lory Student Center Plaza, 16 teams will compete to build the best structure out of cans of food. The competition, called CANstruction, is an annual event which helps gather donations of canned food for Cans Around the Oval.

According to a CANstruction organizer, Jen Johnson, the theme of the event is to raise awareness about hunger, so the teams must build structures that relate to the theme.

She remembers a past team building a toilet out of cans with the idea of flushing hunger away.

The winning team is awarded 500 extra points, but teams can also place bets on the side. The points are translated into pounds, and the team with the most pounds at the end of the collection wins.

According to Steffanie Laslo, the sophomore representative on the pre-med team, the pre-vet team and the pre-med team have been rivals for years and decided to up the stakes of this year’s competition.

“The loser has to donate $100 to the charity of the winner’s choice,” Laslo said.

The structures must be self-supporting, and teams may only use cans, tape and rubber bands in their construction.

Chuck Gill, the assistant director of the Larimer County Food Bank, said the competition is fun way to help out.

Food collected will benefit the food bank.

Gill added that the competition also helps to get people involved.

“People have such a fun time,” said Gill.

Construction ends at 1 p.m. for judging, which will be done by spectators and judges.

The winning team will get to display their creation at the Oval during Cans Around the Oval on Oct. 12.

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