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Oct 042006

Ambulance now or coroner later?

The fact that the SAE fraternity broke the rules when they served alcohol at a recruitment function seems small when compared with the fact that someone almost died.

Even worse than supplying alcohol to minors is questioning whether or not to call for help for the fear of getting yourself into trouble.

Someone dying heavily outweighs the consequences of getting an underage drinking ticket or losing a charter.

This young woman is not the only freshman who will taste his or her first sip of alcohol this year. It’s almost a college student’s right of passage to feel the burn of a shot for the first time.

It’s a new and exciting experience – and experience is exactly what these young people lack. New drinkers, as well as old drinkers, might not know their limits. If she had never been drunk before, it’s possible she didn’t know that 12 shots in a half-hour is way too many.

Even people trying to drink responsibly may occasionally imbibe too much. Know the signs of alcohol poisoning – unconsciousness or semi-consciousness, cold, clammy, pale or bluish skin and slow breathing.

Take care of your friends and loved ones when they need help.

Alcohol and underage drinking probably won’t stop tomorrow. But knowing the signs of alcohol poisoning can help stop alcohol-related deaths. Knowing your limits can help prevent you from overdoing it.

A fun night can quickly melt into a tragedy without the proper precautions, planning and ability to make quick decisions.

If a friend or acquaintance seems as though they’re dangerously drunk, we hope that any fear of getting in trouble doesn’t even factor into the question of what to do next.

Call for an ambulance, or you may end up having to live with calling for a coroner.

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