Ram Talk

Oct 032006

To the lost soul wondering about terrible Nickelodeon extreme physical challenge shows…GUTS can be found weekdays on Comcast channel 215 at 10 p.m. Warning: It’s not as cool as you once thought is was.

When will people learn to let everyone out of a classroom before they try to enter it? I promise you will get in before your next class starts. Maybe it’s just the underclassmen.

Is it sad that I’m such a RamTalk fan that a lot of my daily thoughts are worded in the form of a RamTalk submission?

Is it true the stadium is giving away free beer if Gartrell averages three yards per carry against UNLV?

So I decided a couple of days ago: I’m behind the guy that’s going to cure death. I’m going to stop time one of these days and all you cynics won’t know what to do with yourselves.

Would you be a cannibal if you could eat a Timothy McVeigh burger?

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