Oct 032006

The morality of American involvement in Iraq was denounced in no uncertain terms Tuesday night by David Barsamian, a firebrand talk-show host.

The leftwing radio personality even went as far as to call the invasion “one of the greatest blunders in U.S. history.”

However you feel about the war, one thing’s clear: we must keep talking about it. Every day.

It’s the defining conflict of our times.

Whether you’re “conservative” or “liberal” – like those labels really mean anything anymore – it’s beyond debate that Americans are being killed and killing people on a daily basis.

That’s something that should always be on our minds.

The Iraq War goes to the very heart of America’s role in the world. Is it our job to topple the world’s dictators – and kill tens of thousands of people in the process – to “make the world a better place”? (Just like the British empire did)

Or, as our founders wanted, should we defend to the death our country and stay the heck out of the affairs of others’?

Or something between?

These are questions that need to be pondered without end.

And say or believe whatever you want about Barsamian and his worldview, at least he’s helping to keep the dialogue about Iraq and the Middle East alive.

That’s something to be commended.

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