Don’t hide your Ram pride

Oct 032006
Authors: Margaret Canty

As a freshman in high school, homecoming meant spending too much on a dress I’d hate the next year, stressing over a date (but then regretting having one at all) and wishing I was as wasted as the upperclassmen – all while being groped on a dance floor during an encore of “Heaven” by DJ Sammy.

In short, it was more like hell.

Needless to say, when I heard about CSU’s Homecoming, I was a skeptic. A whole week of forced school spirit and cheerleader-like excitement sounded less than agreeable.

Clearly, I had never experienced Homecoming CSU-style.

Full of timeless traditions and new activities for students and families, getting into the “spirit” and supporting the school is worth everyone’s while.

The week kicks off with my favorite of all things: free food. Not just any food, but burgers and dogs for everyone. Combine this with a beautiful day and you’ve got one hell of a good reason to be late for class.

Following the cookout is a treasure hunt, which is new this year. Now wait just a minute before turning the page. Each winner will receive a free iPod shuffle. Students now have the chance to get meat and music all for the cost of nothing.

Whether you sport green and gold daily or opt for the black Manson T-shirts, it might be beneficial to don Ram gear this week. Not only is this your one chance to wear clashing shades of green and get away with it, but a lucky few will be handed food and CSU giveaways just for strutting around with spirit.

As many of you are freshmen and might not have caught on yet, let’s make this clear: The underlying theme for everything mentioned so far is it’s free.

Apart from these events, the weekend offers several opportunities for family activities. It may sound less than appealing to put up with the ‘rents for a few days, but consider the benefits. Your parents love and miss you, and chances are their wallets are slightly heavier than yours.

Thus, the theme continues.

Being a runner, my personal favorite part of the weekend is the annual race. A whole 5K of fun, the route travels through campus and attracts not only students but also much of the Fort Collins community.

Getting up at 7:45 may seem like an early start, but keep in mind family is in town so it’s best to keep the night before keg-free anyway.

These few events are just a taste of what CSU’s Homecoming offers. Check out the schedule for more, including a parade, football game, a hike to the notorious “A” and much more.

Not being the most school spirited or peppy person I know, I understand many CSU first-timers may be thinking about opting out of the whole week entirely.

Not a good idea.

Upholding CSU’s tradition of Homecoming, and all the yearly events that go along with it, is what makes us a university – and a pretty cool one at that.

So even if just for the week, be proud to be a CSU Ram. It may not be DJ Sammy’s “Heaven,” but it sure beats trying to stay away from grabby hands on a sweaty dance floor.

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