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Oct 012006

MONDAY- September 25

Two harassing phone calls were made, one in Allison Hall to a resident and the other at Black Student Services.

A phone harassment call was reported at Braiden Hall. An individual keeps calling asking the resident to join a Bible study class. Officers are following up.

A drunken individual was contacted on the Lory Student Center Plaza. He was not a detox candidate.

A harassment call was made in Ingersoll Hall. A student has repeatedly harassed three female residents of the hall. He was arrested and taken to Larimer County Detention Center.

TUESDAY- September 26

A theft of a carpet cleaner from Spruce Hall was reported.

A suspicious circumstances call was made at the Plaza. A threatening note was left on the free speech board at the Justice for All exhibit. Officers did some extra patrol in the area.

A suspicious circumstances call was made in the Clark Building C-wing. A male came by an office and said he was buying books and asked the occupant if she had any books he could buy. A short time later she was then unable to find her purse. The purse was later found and had not been stolen. On Monday, Sept. 25, the same individual was seen walking around the Occupational Therapy Building, asking to buy books. If someone comes by your office saying he or she is buying or selling books, please call CSUPD as this is the second report they have received. Officers would like to identify this individual and find out exactly what he is doing.

Another criminal mischief call was made at the Plaza. An individual threw an egg at the Justice for All exhibit. Officers are following up on possible suspect information.

WEDNESDAY- September 27

A report came in of a disruptive person in the Morgan Library. Officers contacted an intoxicated male and told him to leave.

Five students were cited for trespassing when officers found that they had climbed onto the roof of the Lory Student Center to smoke their hookah.

Officers gave a lost student a ride from Taft Hill Road and Elizabeth Street to campus.

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