Sep 282006
Authors: LINDSAY MCCOMB The Rocky Mountain Collegian

Now that Cam’s Lobby Shop is comfortably settled into its location in the new transit center at the Lory Student Center, students can’t help but wonder what’s going to happen to the old Cam’s Corner location.

As of last week, discussions were ongoing about what to do with the space, said Robert Peters, director of Business Services at the LSC.

Peters said that if all goes as planned, there will be a new tenant there and the area will be open by spring semester, but there’s a lot to do in the meantime.

He explained that anytime a tenant moves in there’s a big design process, and it takes a while to “build it out the way they need.”

Peters said that there has been talk that it may be the new location for the University ID office, but there are “certainly no decisions yet.”

Tessa Davie, a senior nutrition and fitness major, and a Cam’s Lobby Shop employee, said that if she could choose anything to fill the old Corner Store, she would want a Taco Bell or a sandwich place.

“Something with real sandwiches,” she said.

Though she enjoys the new layout and new space that the Lobby Shop has, she said that many students have complained that it’s too far away.

Davie also said that maybe there should just be two Cam’s stores.

“It’d be convenient on both ends,” she said.

Fellow employee Brianne Bienemann, a sophomore natural resources and tourism major, agrees that a sandwich place could be a great addition to the LSC.

“A Panera would be nice,” she said.

Before the flood of 1997, and the renovations that followed, there used to be a bowling alley in the basement.

“What kind of student center doesn’t have a bowling alley?” asked sophomore zoology major Eric Patterson.

A bowling alley is probably out of the question for several reasons, chief among them being space.

But until something’s finalized, student speculation will continue.

Freshman anthropology major Hilary Burr said she would love another coffee shop.

“The other one is always crowded and there are not enough chairs,” she said. “It should be something comfy-ish.”

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