Sep 262006
Authors: Geoff Johnson The Rocky Mountain Collegian

Wielding a chipped bullhorn, Ian Overton shouted for students on the Plaza between the anti-abortion display and the Morgan Library on Tuesday not to be “silly – cover that willy!”

The senior political science major added, “Show her you love her! Use a rubber!”

Ian Overton is a part of FREE (Finding Racial and Economic Equality).

Along with Vox: Voices for Planned Parenthood, Overton distributed condoms, lube and a slew of pro-safe-sex slogans to largely amused passersby.

Like, “Even the Burger King covers his Whopper!”

Laura Ward, a freshman studying microbiology and a representative of Vox said that not everyone enjoys Overton’s vocalizations.

“(On Monday) someone said that listening to him is just as offensive as looking at the (gruesome anti-abortion) pictures,” Ward said. “I just think he’s funny.”

Taking a break from promoting amicable and worry-free relations between the sexes, Overton said his aim was to educate.

“Scare tactics are not an effective way to change people’s minds,” Overton said, gesturing to the anti-abortion posters behind him. “We don’t think this is going to change anyone’s mind.”

Overton presented the view that it is better to prevent unwanted pregnancies in the first place, through safe sex, then to bash abortions.

Meanwhile, Overton’s FREE colleague, Jens Agger, a junior history major, voiced a decidedly more subdued call to action than Overton’s: “Practice safe sex! Free condoms over here!”

Agger, also known as “Emcee Sparrowhawk,” then proceeded to break into a lengthy poem he’d written on the subject of education surrounding safe sex.

“(Sparrowhawk) is a talented poet. . He went for like three or four minutes straight the other day,” Overton said.

Upon finishing his verses, Agger returned the bullhorn to Overton, who said to students, “Don’t be a chump! Cover that stump!”

Agger said of his poetry, “Art is action; action is art.”

“FREE, in its name alone, implies strong politics. (Through my poetry) I want to show that (politics are) not just rallies and protests,” he said.

He added, “It’s also about love, education and coming together.”

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