Sep 252006

Is it really asking too much to have the bathrooms be open during regular school hours? Is it not possible to clean them at night?!

Sometimes I go through these phases where I feel really ugly, and if someone hits on me, I just think he has bad taste.

Moby Arena rarely goes unused more than one day per week, even during the summer. Nice try though.

When I was 5, my dad taught me the fine fundamentals of riding a bike. However, during this pastime I don’t recall him ever telling me to pretend like I was a car. Several members of our student body need to rummage through the garage and find their training wheels.

I’ve noticed a lot of trash around campus lately. Lets have some pride CSU. Keep our campus clean!

In five minutes I was called open-minded, great, understanding, and, yes, beautiful. Come to think of it, I will give my food money to the equal rights people in front of LSC! P.S. Thanks for the ego boost!

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