Ram Talk

Sep 242006

I think all teachers should be required to take DUH101-Introduction to Clark Technology.

Is it to much to ask, but can we enjoy the new plaza for at least a week before all the Greeks mark it up with chalk.

Who else thinks that when they run Cam onto the field, we should have ACDC’s “Big Balls” song play?

Quote from Article in the Collegian on the 21st: “I’ve never smelled Bush.” I’m speechless.

Whoever stole my yellow and grey Marmot jacket at the Rocky Mountain Showdown, please turn it into the LSC lost and found. I’m cold.

To the person who made the comment about RamRide: Hello, RamRide is for all students who need a ride from 10pm to 2am on Thursdays and 10pm to 3am Fridays and Saturdays. So why don’t you give them a call.

For all those motorized scooters, quit taking up all the room for the real bikes. Take your 30cc engine and go chain it in with the pedal bikes so the real motorcycles will have room. If you can’t go over 40mph, no parking in the lot!

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