Ram Talk

Sep 212006

After hearing my fellow students, I have come to the conclusion that our generation of medical personnel will be known not as Gen.Y, not by our discoveries, but as “The Grey’s Anatomy/House generation.” Seriously!

Moby Arena remains unused for more than 300 days a year… What a waste of university resources!

Anyone who wants to “solve death” does not understand life or how to appreciate it

One more question that I propose to include in the eharmony.com compatibility test: Do you love reading RAMTALK every morning?

To the person who favors RAMRIDE over the BUS RIDE… you are encouraging students to get wasted.

In Wednesday’s newspaper there were three, count them, THREE sudokus but only ONE half-cut-off crossword puzzle. Where’s the love for the crossword puzzlers?

This morning I realized that I have eaten over 3 pounds and 10 ounces of Honey Nut Cheerios in the last month. I think I need new food…

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