Sep 202006
Authors: Brett Okamoto

The CSU Rams were back on the football field Wednesday, ironing out some of the major shortcomings that popped up in Saturday’s 28-10 loss to Nevada.

The eminent frustration of the stalled ground game continues to be the main concern on the practice field.

“We don’t want to force the issue,” said Head Coach Sonny Lubick. “But at the same time we have to focus on coming off the football harder and finishing our blocks.”

Lubick also expressed the need to find one starting running back instead of splitting carries between three players as the Rams have the first three games this season.

“We’ve had 35 practices and we still don’t know who our running back is,” said

Lubick. “I feel good about Gartrell though, and these guys will eventually be more than adequate.”

One of the factors to the disappointing ground game has also been the lack of unity between the front five. The offensive line, plagued by injuries all season, continues to look more like individual effort than a group.

“Those front five need to get out in sync together,” Lubick said. “Offensively the line has to say ‘This is what we are going to do.’ This offensive doesn’t know how close they are to consistently moving the football down the field.”

The team will practice the rest of this week before taking a break with a bye this weekend. Their next game will be in Fresno, Calif., at 8 p.m. on Saturday, Sept. 30.

“Nevada came out real physical, I don’t think some of us expected that,” said defensive lineman Blake Smith. “We get some time this week to get back to some of the basics and get it together to against Fresno State.”

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