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Sep 172006
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

Politicians usually aren’t on the Collegian’s short list of most-favorite people.

In fact, the very nature of our job, if we do it right, means there’s a natural wall between us and them, sprouting from our role as unwavering watchdogs.

Every once in a while, though, a politician comes along who deserves praise for doing something most politicians don’t: Speaking openly and honestly about uncomfortable topics.

Today, that politician is Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper.

The charismatic mayor was at the Rocky Mountain Sustainable Living Fair in Fort Collins on Sunday where he spoke about living and working green in Colorado.

Collegian reporters pretty much ambushed him after the interview with a rough question for any politician: “How would you vote on Amendment 44 (the statewide marijuana legalization measure)?”

His answer – an honest, thoughtful and candid opinion on the subject at large – was classy, thought-provoking and appropriate. He even apologized to reporters for sidestepping the question about how he would vote on the issue, and gave an understandable reason for doing so.

It wasn’t the stuff of pre-packaged, partisan politics. Hickenlooper is a thinker, and by most accounts, good for Denver.

Whatever his stance on pot legalization, Hickenlooper’s good by us.

Politicians – and CSU officials – could learn a lot from the mayor.

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