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Sep 142006

Lazy stalkers may have rejoiced when Facebook launched their “News Feed” and “Mini-Feed,” but site fans bemoaned the addition.

Facebook claims usership went up along with the new features, but people might have just wanted to see what was new.

Facebook also needs to listen to its loyal users. Even after all the uproar about privacy, creator Mark Zuckerberg and Co. plan to open the site to anyone, not just students with a school address.

Part of what made Facebook exceptional was its student-only restriction. On MySpace, creepers and corporations muddle the network. In a world where we revere celebrity, nothing is cooler than V.I.P. access. Exclusivity is attractive.

Students use Facebook because they want to connect to other students.

If Zuckerberg really wants to cater to his users he needs to realize his users are students and that opening the site to everyone would ruin what he started.

The riches an expansion would bring must be blinding them.

They messed up. They shouldn’t open it up. Tell them what you think to keep the stalker features of Facebook to a minimum.

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