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Authors: MICHELLE ZILIS The Rocky Mountain Collegian

The mission was simple: Find the best ice cream/frozen goodie in Fort Collins.

The strategy was set: Go to different dessert vendors throughout Fort Collins. Choose flavors on the recommendation of those working with the intent to serve proof that their place is the best.

Criteria: Places were chosen based upon their reputation, as well as their uniqueness. Popular chains, such as Dairy Queen and Cold Stone Creamery, were not sampled.

Tested Elements: Variety, uniqueness, service, environment, flavors, location and overall satisfaction.

The winner: La Dolce Vita Gelato Caf/

2222 S. Shields St. #B


With great service, 28 delicious flavors of gelato, and a relaxing environment, La Dolce Vita passed each test with flying colors. Owner Paolo Fontani, was very personable and eager to divulge what he aspires to achieve through La Dolce Vita, such as serving a healthier treat.

“Gelato is a better alternative to ice cream because it is much lighter,” Fontani said. “It has a creamy texture, and good strong tastes because of how it is made and how much less fat content there is in it.”

Gelato’s flavors and textures are reminiscent of sorbets. But ice cream connoisseurs beware: The chocolate chip definitely tastes a bit different than your typical chocolate chip ice cream.

The environment of the store was the ultimate deal breaker; with its plush couches and fireplace, you feel like you are in some little villa in Italy. Combined with the calming background music and wireless Internet accessibility, the shop is the perfect place for a date or study session: intimate, but relaxing.

Walrus Ice Cream

125 W. Mountain Ave.


Chocolate lovers head for Walrus, with the perfect blend of richness and sweetness in its homemade Swiss dark chocolate. All the flavors with a chocolate base are a must-try. The mom-and-pop feel and central location in the heart of Old Town helped the Walrus put up a good defense as to why it should be crowned the best. The service, however, was nothing too amazing.

Kilwin’s Chocolates

114 S. College Ave.


The shop had a cute, homey-type feel with overwhelming aromas of baked goods. The store sells a variety of goodies, from homemade ice cream to fudge and chocolate dipped treats. The toasted coconut ice cream was a big pleaser. Its taste reminds you of Samoa Girl Scout Cookies. With little chunks of coconut and fluffy cream, it hits the spot for coconut lovers. The chocolate and peanut butter was good for a few bites, but many said it was a bit too rich for their liking.

Penguin’s Ice Cream

1171 Eagle Drive


The feel of the shop is similar to a typical Baskin-Robbins. The service was great, with very friendly employees and extremely generously scoop sizes. But, its remote location took them out of the running.

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