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Sep 132006

The editorial on Tuesday was great – “Fight ignorance and stereotypes.” It was well-written and a good message about 9/11 and reactions to terror. However, I find it hard to believe that “this column represents the views of the Collegian’s editorial board” as it states.

Directly below this column is a cartoon with a stereotypical depiction of CU students as hippies driving a VW van and using expletives. Below this is another Collegian column with more than one stereotype of states, such as “Utah… thanks for all those copies of the Book of Mormon.”

Last Friday a column appeared in which CU fans were described as “egotistical,” “complete asses,” “obnoxious,” with their “true nature” as “obscenity-yelling, trash-throwing, and name-calling.” I would argue this is stereotypical.

Yes, these articles might be entertaining, but as the Tuesday editorial says: “Asinine stereotypes turn people into ‘us’ and ‘them’ and ignore individuals. We can’t villainize an entire group of people based on the action of a few, no matter how heinous.”

Laurie Chapin

graduate student

applied social psychology

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To the Editor

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Sep 132006

Re: “Enough is Enough”

Let me begin by saying – what are you talking about? You ask have we forgotten about the 2,973 people that were murdered on Sept. 11, 2001, because someone didn’t like their country?

We are insulted by continually having to see those people be murdered; this DOES NOT mean that we have forgotten. But for you to suggest that the only way that we are going to remember is by continually seeing the images of 9/11 over and over, is disgusting.

For you to say “Thank you to the media for replaying the images,” you are obviously not affected by seeing those 2,973 people murdered.

For you to say to the families that watching their loved ones be killed over and over and over again is remembering them, is perverse. My advice to you is to put yourself in their shoes: Would you want to continually watch your family member or close friend be murdered?

Think about that before you ask if we remember.

You talk about Columbine and Oklahoma City and what the difference is between them and 9/11.

For one, how many movies have there been made about either of these?

In the years that followed these crimes, I saw the images replayed but it has stopped, there were no million-dollar movies.

We need to start remembering by moving forward and not continually going back to that day.

As for the “one of the best presidents (who stood) up and fight for our country,” you better not be talking about Bush.

President Bush has not stood up and fought for our country. “The best president yet” lied to his country and giving us absolutely no reason for our troops to be at war.

For this, I will NEVER stand behind such a disgrace of a president.

Enough IS enough!

We need to remember 9/11 through the people and freedoms that we lost, not through the actions that caused us to lose them.

As for me, I will continue to support my brother-in-law, cousin and all the troops that serve and will serve with them, because their bravery, in order to stand up for our country, is beyond words.

Emily White



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