Ram Talk

Sep 122006

To the girl wearing the CU sweatshirt in my class this morning: Did you get lost on your way home from the game on Saturday, or are you just trying to join the more superior school? Go back to Boulder or get some school pride!

Who’s to say you can’t be racially perverse while Boondocks can? I’m sure he gets plenty of sour mail, much the same way that you’d receive many a glare and harsh word.

Forget about a moving walkway. I think we just need to go all out and have the first college with a monorail system. It worked for Disney World, didn’t it? It would be called “The MonoRam.”

Did you know America uses 30 billion rolls of toilet paper each year. So to all the tree huggers out there: Save the trees, don’t wipe your butt.

Anyone see Cam take out his trainer in the game this weekend? That’s right . he takes orders from no one … he’s a killer.

I was walking by the Plaza the other day, and I realized that I couldn’t find the Stump. Is it gone? Is it now all-out war on CSU traditions? First Fum’s Song and now the Stump? What’s next, are they going to sell Cam off at the stock show?

Seriously, it’s the middle of September we’ve had no snow, and girls are already wearing those dang Uggs! Blah, what is the world coming to?

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