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Authors: Geoff Johnson The Rocky Mountain Collegian

The air was thick with symbolism outside the Natural Resources Building on Thursday at the Grill The Buffs pep rally.

Associated Students of CSU prepared buffalo burgers as cheerleaders led onlookers in a cheer of, “Eat ’em up! Spit ’em out! Ram it up your buffalo!”

“This is our first year doing (the pep rally),” said ASCSU President Jason Green. “We hope to make it an annual tradition.”

Green said he hoped that students would not be dismayed by the arrests of three football players on Wednesday.

“I hope people will still be excited (about the game),” he said. “It is bad timing, though.”

Of the nearly 500 students in attendance at the pep rally, most did seem to be optimistic, expecting a victory in the upcoming Rocky Mountain Showdown versus Colorado-Boulder, despite the arrests.

“I think it’s sad,” said sophomore psychology major David Novell. “But I don’t think it’s going to affect the game at all. I don’t think it will overshadow (Saturday’s) events. The Rams are definitely going to kick some butt.”

Junior Tiffany Martinez agreed.

“I think they’re going to do really well,” the junior psychology major said. “Even though they’ve had some setbacks this week.”

Some students cited Colorado’s season-opening setback against Montana State, a 19-10 loss, as all or part of the basis for their optimism.

“CU lost to MSU. The student section (at the Weber State game) was really excited about that,” said senior speech communications major Anne Trenholm as she watched the CSU marching band’s performance Thursday.

“I am from Montana,” said Lee Sowada, senior dance major, “so I was rooting for them, and I was happy when they beat CU. I have confidence in CSU.”

Chris Smith, senior English major, offered a different interpretation of CU’s opening loss.

“I’m a little worried. They’re coming off of a tough loss and they’ll be fired up,” Smith said. “I’m optimistic though, and hopefully the Rammies will come through and they’ll be 2-0 come Sunday.”

Some are relying on the enthusiasm of students to help get a victory in Denver.

“CSU has a lot of school spirit,” Trenholm said. “It’s as high as I’ve seen it in my four years here.”

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