Sep 062006
Authors: BEN BLASCOE KCSU Volunteer

As innocent as a licentious butterfly emerging from its envelope outside a burlesque dance hall on the Las Vegas strip, Domino Recording’s Junior Boys dances in the shadows and haunts your dreams. The sound is dark and mysterious, yet a loving and kind electronic agitation pounded into a delicious snicker doodle cookie.

Destined to make pop music with no idea how to make pop music, Jeremy Greenspan and his assistant, Matthew Didemus, have created a melodically soothing cruel world of angst, torment and regret with their latest magnum opus, “So This is Goodbye.” It’s like Wham! on heroine.

The album opens with “80s-worthy” synthesizer palpitations before introducing the hauntingly striking vocals of Greenspan. The first song, “Double Shadow,” is a horror story about two-faced froth that hits home entirely too well for most of us. Sliding deeper and deeper into music that uncontrollably forces your body to move, “So This Is Goodbye” is a gradual glide into a depressing dance party inspired by late-night drives and dejection. In reality, I’m talking about a solo dance party in some scandalous undergarments when the roommates are asleep. At least I found that was the best and most invigorating way to listen to this album.

The album flows into a trance-like state of emotion and desire. The song “First Time,” offers somewhat of a release after the tension of the first two tracks on the album. It has a bass line that rattles your eardrums for 15 to 20 minutes post-listen. It is probably one of the best songs on the album, not to discredit the song “In The Morning.” This song is absolutely obnoxious yet every minute is wonderful. Catchy, playful and from the outside appearing rather joyful. As the title suggests, it is also a wonderful listen “in the morning.”

Overall, Domino Recording Company has a hit on its hand. Although this album will probably be shunned by most of pop culture, true fans of over discouraging electro-trash will cower and woo in its brilliance. “So This Is Goodbye” by the Junior Boys is an unbelievably easy listen, filled with catchy riffs and even catchier melodrama.

Although socialization may not allow some to enjoy this album, it does not discredit its luminosity. Sometimes the George Michael in all of us needs to surface and there is no better way to kindle the spirit than this latest montage by the Junior Boys.

P.S. My heart still belongs to Wham!

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