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Aug 312006

So, Kyle Bell complains about the school pulling Fum’s Song. Then he suffers a season-ending knee injury. I shudder to think what the school would do to me if I openly opposed them.

*Newsflash* The Athletic Department changes fight song:

Compromise, you stalwart Ram Team, on to the goal

Join the (opponent’s nickname) line together

Skipping down the field, that’s better

Knights of the Green and Gold,

P. C. (politically correct) we must be,

Compromise, you stalwart Ram Team-

Right! Right! Right!


Does anyone else miss the “News of the Weird,” or is it just me?

First they stop the pre-semester riots and take away Fum’s song, now Kyle Bell’s injured for the season? Is there any reason to live?

Be sure to wear neutral clothing to the game this weekend. We wouldn’t want to look offensive in the green and gold. Oh, and when we score, politely clap and commend Weber State for trying its hardest.

Infuriated by the ban on Fum’s Song, Chuck Norris roundhouse kicked all these so-called “officials,” until they were forced to reinstate it.

I work in the CSU ticket office and when I gave a student her ticket she turned to her friend and said, “Can you hold on to my ticket? There’s no way I won’t remember not to lose these.” Does that make any sense at all???

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