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The editorial board of the Rocky Mountain Collegian has discovered two instances of plagiarism that appeared in the newspaper during the Spring 2006 semester.

In the article “‘Casino crud’ worries gambling workers” published March 8, state Sen. Dan Grossman was quoted as saying, “This is first, last and always about a health issue. . It’s about protecting the people there earning a paycheck.” The quote had appeared in the Rocky Mountain News on Feb. 23.

In the article “State Senate debates witness protection” that appeared April 14, the quote, “The purpose of this legislation is to be proactive in asking the right questions,” by Rep. Mike Garcia appeared in the Rocky Mountain News on March 17. The quote “There is simply a lack of knowledge that Colorado has a witness-protection program” by Dave Thomas first appeared in The Denver Post on March 11.

The Collegian is committed to adhering to journalistic and academic ethics, and the editorial board holds its staff to a professional standard. In these instances, a reporter faltered and the Collegian failed to notice until it was too late. The Collegian apologizes to its readers.

Due to a technical editing error, a letter entitled “Emergency meeting needed,” attributed to Katrina Aspnes, appeared in the Collegian on Wednesday, though her words were not intended as a letter to the editor.

Due to a design error, the author of the article “Professor Graeme Stephens banking on $217 million satellite called CloudSat” that appeared Tuesday, was incorrectly identified as a reporter for the Rocky Mountain Collegian. Though the author is, in fact, a staff writer for the Collegian, she wrote the article for the student-run magazine, College Avenue. The piece, a preview, appeared in the Collegian to promote College Avenue’s most recent release.

To read the full story, pick up a copy of College Avenue in racks around campus.

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