Aug 302006
Authors: BEN AAKER The Rocky Mountain Collegian

Jugglers tossed balls high in the air, Greeks sported their letters on matching shirts and the Mountain Riders Horse Club showed off their miniature donkey mascot, ‘Whisky,’ on Wednesday.

These stunts, among many others, aimed to attract new members to join a cause in the semiannual Student Involvement Fair, formally known as Centertainment.

Nearly 140 student clubs and organizations occupied tables lining the sidewalks in the Natural Resources Grass and surrounding areas.

“The (Student Involvement Fair) is a great opportunity for student organizations to showcase who they are to new and current students that are interested in getting involved,” said Deanna Leon, program coordinator for Student Involvement and Activities.

According to Leon, research shows that the more students are involved in their campus, the more successful they’re going to be in their academic pursuit.

Corey Murzyn, a junior technical journalism major and member of Creating Respect and Educating Wellness for and by Students, couldn’t agree more.

“Being involved with a club or organization helps take your mind off the monotonous note-taking and the often boring life that class itself can be,” said Murzyn. “It’s important to remember that college is so much more than sitting in a lecture hall daydreaming.”

The event kept spectators far from slumber as several clubs and organizations provided entertainment throughout the day, including hip-hop, swing-dancing and even jousting sponsored by the Medieval Society.

Still, others found favor in the form of free giveaways. The popular gift: Candy.

“It’s like trick-or-treating on Halloween,” said CJ Eims, sophomore health and exercise science major. “Except it’s hot and during the day.”

And hot it was. According to, temperatures reached upwards of 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

Despite the heat, student organizations worked hard to advertise their cause and purpose.

For the members of Alpha Tau Omega, a fraternity that started last year, the goal is to show people that not all fraternities are the same, said Rocky Giarratano, a student at CSU and founder of ATO.

“(The Student Involvement Fair) gives us the chance to just hang out with other guys and show them that we are so much more than just booze and booty,” Giarratano said.

Other clubs and organizations included Team Handball, CSU Big Wheels, Ram Ride, Campus Crusade for Christ and the CSU logging sports team.

When it came to the event as a whole, program coordinator Deanna Leon was satisfied.

“We had a lot of people show up today and we distributed a lot of good information,” Leon said. “I think it was a success.”

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