Aug 302006
Authors: Adam Bohlmeyer, Vimal Patel The Rocky Mountain Collegian

Student government passed a resolution Wednesday night calling for the reinstatement of Fum’s Song on the electronic scoreboard at home football games.

No Associated Students of CSU senators voted against it, while 17 approved it and two abstained.

Senators placed the measure on emergency status, meaning it would be voted on that night rather than taking multiple sessions before coming to a vote.

“I am absolutely relieved,” said Stacey Smith, a senator in the College of Liberal Arts and author of the resolution. “It went a heck of a lot smoother than I thought it would go.”

University officials said some people had complained about Fum’s Song – a ditty penned and sung by legendary CSU athlete Thurman “Fum” McGraw – as being inappropriate.

Some of the song’s lyrics included “Don’t send my son to Brigham Young, I’d rather see him dead” and “Before I see him in Boulder, I’d see my son in hell.”

Also, it called those from Colorado College “sissy boys” and that the School of Mines is “for drunkards.”

McGraw’s larger-than-life image belted out his song between the third and fourth quarters of CSU home football games last year. University officials said the song conveyed an image they didn’t want associated with CSU.

The resolution is the official voice of the students, senators said. It’ll be sent to Paul Kowalczyk, athletic director, and CSU President Larry Penley.

The two senators who abstained from voting were Ben Schrader, a senator from the College of Liberal Arts, and Cari Stepsay, an Intra-University senator.

“I abstained because I believe we need to do more research about what constituents want,” said Schrader, a sophomore sociology major. “We jumped the gun in giving it emergency status. . I like the Fum song, I am just trying to be non-bias.”

Courtney Healey, last year’s ASCSU president, attended the Senate meeting to talk about Referendum I, a measure that would allow equal rights for same-sex couples.

She had her opinion about the sacking of Fum’s Song as well.

“Aren’t we taking political correctness a little too far?” she asked.

Matt Hitt, an associate justice for the ASCSU supreme court – said football – and chiding the university’s football opponents – is what school spirit is all about.

“It was a great tradition and they’re trying to, if not destroy it, neuter it,” the senior theatre arts major said.

Jack Davis, a senator for the College of Business, said that he was in support of the idea, but had concerns about the method.

“It really sets a bad precedent at the beginning of the year to say this is an emergency,” he said. “This isn’t an emergency.”

Although making clear the official student stance on the issue, the resolution may not bring back Fum’s Song to the electronic board.

“At this point, there’s been no discussion to reinstate the song,” said Gary Ozzello, athletic department spokesman.

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