Ram Talk

Aug 302006

Have you even noticed that when you bike, you hate walkers but when you walk you hate bikers? It’s a vicious circle.

I would like to be the first whiner to complain about the whiners who complain about the whiners who complain about the complainers in Ram Talk.

I think the sequel to “Snakes on a Plane” should definitely be titled “Cheetahs in a Kayak.” You just can’t beat that kind of suspense.

To he who uses “Family Guy” quotes as a way to seem witty and get into Ram Talk … You will bow to me!

So… Has anyone seen the fruit on the trees between Clark and the Library? What is that? Thought they were lemons, no, oranges; nope, give up.

Yesterday I was walking through The Oval, minding my own business, when a squirrel with huge testicles stood up in front of a tree, totally exposing himself. Needless to say this offended me. I was just wondering what President Penley was going to do about this?

One time I was walking near the Lagoon behind a really hot girl. Suddenly, she began to flatulate loudly. As the breeze was calm that day, I prepared myself for the inevitable aroma of beautiful-girl-food waste. Much to my surprise, nothing ever came. This was nearly a year ago. I still haven’t figured that one out.

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