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Aug 302006
Authors: Vimal Patel, Brad Nicoll The Rocky Mountain Collegian

Growing up with a black mom and white dad, Angie Paccione said she knows first had the need for marriage equality.

After all, when the CSU alumni whose now running to topple conservative Marilyn Musgrave from her 4th Congressional District seat was born in 1960, blacks were prevented from marrying whites.

“People in the future will say, “Why were we trying to prevent people from getting married?” Paccione said, reiterating her support for gay marriage.

The campaign visit to CSU Wednesday night was intended to rally support for Paccione’s bid, especially from student groups.

Identifying herself as an evangelical Christian, Paccione’s support for gay marriage may cause some to scratch their heads. But to the candidate, it makes perfect sense.

Being a Democrat and loving Jesus aren’t mutually exclusive, she said.

“You should live your faith, not legislate it,” she said. “That’s what separates me from my opponent.”

Paccione even tried to crack a few jokes. Responding to conservatives’ charge that she is a New York liberal – she was born in the Big Apple – she said she’s been in Colorado for 21 years.

“I felt I needed to be (in New York) when my mom gave birth to me,” she said.

The visit in room 207 of the Lory Student Center was interrupted when a campaign volunteer from the Musgrave campaign, Jake Francis, was asked to shut off his video camera.

Francis said the meeting was public, to which Paccione responded, “this is a private meeting at a public building.”

“I don’t see why I can’t videotape her,” Francis said afterward. “If she doesn’t want to go on record, I find that humorous.”

The race for the 4th Congressional District appears to be too close to call, with Musgrave holding a slight lead.

Incumbents generally always win re-election. When asked why the race was as close as it was, a spokesman for the Republican pinned it on factors outside of Colorado.

“You can take a look at the national climate and decide for yourself,” said Shaun Kenney, the Musgrave spokesman.

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