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Aug 302006
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

Someone left dog poop on Marilyn’s doorstep.

But then she called Angie cheap.

So Angie totally had to get back at Marilyn and let everyone know that she’s a bad driver.

Is this a Congressional race or the kind of attacks that happen between two girls vying for prom queen?

Democrat Angie Paccione and incumbent Republican Marilyn Musgrave, both vying for a chance to represent Dist. 4 in the House, have already traded insults through radio ads. One claims that Musgrave was involved in a hit-and-run. Others are saying Paccione never paid her college loans.

At this point, they are one step away from pulling each other’s hair and scratching out each other’s eyes.

We all are old enough and educated enough to know that campaign ads hold as much truth as a sieve, and these ads are really more annoying than persuasive.

So retract the claws, ladies.

It’s not even September and the mud being hurled on each side is starting to pile up.

If this kind of immaturity continues, we may have to find another candidate to represent us – Kyle Bell for Congress?

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