Aug 302006
Authors: Mike Donovan

One play.

That’s all it takes for a season to change. Whether it’s a game-winning touchdown, a clinching interception, or a field goal as time expires, one play is all it takes to change a season.

Unfortunately for the CSU football team and running back Kyle Bell, the season took a turn for the worse after a seemingly inconsequential play near the end of Tuesday’s practice.

Bell collided with cornerback Darryl Williams, went down for less than minute, then returned to his feet, and told reporters that he would be ready to practice for Wednesday. However, Bell was resting Wednesday after finding out he had torn his ACL on that one play.

In a week when Fum’s Song gets banned from Hughes and CSU alum Bradlee Van Pelt will likely be cut from the Denver Broncos, Bell’s injury trumps both stories in importance.

Can a whole season be lost because of one player’s knee? Usually, the answer is no.

But with a team leader like Bell, it is easy to see why Ram boosters and fans will be very nervous throughout the first month of the season.

And when those boosters and fans take a deep breath and realize that football will go on, they will turn their collective eyes to Bell’s replacement Gartrell Johnson III.

Johnson will not only be carrying the ball for the Rams, but he will be carrying the added pressure of replacing a bona fide star.

Johnson is currently known for just one thing: his dreadlocks, which extend all the way to the middle of his back. Most Rams fans are hoping by the end of the season that he is more known for his shifty running style than his distinctive locks.

Running backs coach Mick Delaney thinks Gartrell will be able to handle his new promotion.

“Gartrell has been working his behind off and waiting for a chance to play,” Delaney said at Wednesday’s practice.

To work hard is one thing, but to replace a preseason all-conference player is another thing. Johnson will have his work cut out for him.

Here’s hoping that Johnson’s one play will be a game-winning touchdown, not one that would put him on the trainer’s table next to Bell.

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