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Aug 302006
Authors: Hallie Woods The Rocky Mountain Collegian


Breakfast is a meal I will never go without. Breakfast is my profession, my forte in life. When I was younger, I would sit down, put my napkin on my lap and inhale 15 pancakes.

Needless to say, I know good breakfast food.

So, all the CSU veterans out there might call me crazy or predictable for this first one, but to all new students listen carefully. Gib’s NY Bagels, located on Drake Road and Shields Street, with another on College Avenue, provides some of the best cheap breakfast options.

Some went straight for their fresh bagels and cream cheese, but I chose a $3.59 egg, sausage and cheese bagel sandwich. Call it simple, call it plain, but it fills you up for cheap and tastes good going down.

The restaurant on Drake is very laid back, with pictures all over the wall and the people behind the counter shouting out names when a bagel is ready. If you don’t like that atmosphere, hit up the one on College. It’s a little more elegant and relaxing, more of an up-scale New York coffee house feel.


Tucked behind the bustling downtown of Fort Collins sits a small bakery emitting the salivating odor of fresh baked bread and pastries. Upon entering this cozy restaurant, your eyes are immediately drawn from the old-fashioned, ice cream parlor tables and chairs, to the luscious pastries that fill the glass cases.

Almost unbelievably beautiful, the cakes, scones, tarts and baguettes that sit waiting to be bought look as if they were crafted from clay and painted for display only. Upon biting into any of them, your taste buds tell you otherwise. The sweets and bread are, well, absolutely wonderful.

I stopped in the Olive Street Bakery not for dessert and not for one of its many breakfast items, but for lunch. I ordered a sandwich on a fresh baguette with turkey, my choice of cheese, the common veggies, mayo and Dijon that makes your nose crinkle upon the first bite.

For a mere $3.60 I bit into this flaky, yet so soft fresh baked bread and enjoyed a sandwich unbelievable in flavor. Although the turkey and veggies were nothing unusual, the bread made it all worth it.

It is definitely a place I will visit again, maybe for breakfast next time or when I want to be naughty and engorge myself with sweets until I’m ill.


Maybe I’ve been looking in all the wrong places, but good, memorable, mouth-watering Mexican food is hard to find in Fort Collins. Many of the restaurants just seem, well, marginal at best. I was ecstatic when I ventured into Pueblo Viejo on the corner of College and La Porte avenues.

The chimichanga, although smaller than I remember chimichangas usually being, was crispy but still soft in all the right places.

The enchilada sauce had the perfect amount of spice. The only real complaint I could put on the table is the beef is somewhat reminiscent of Taco Bell’s. However, what Pueblo Viejo lacks in its beef, it makes up for in its chicken. Although this is no Mexican restaurant like you might find in Santa Fe (some of my favorites are there), I found myself quite satisfied by this south-of-the-border flavor.

Verve editor Hallie Woods can be reached at verve@collegian.com.



Gib’s NY Bagels

2531 S. Shields St.

Breakfast Sandwich and drink



Olive Street Bakery

120 W. Olive St.

Sandwich and Water



Pueblo Viejo

185 N. College Ave.

Combination plate and drink +

15 percent tip


Total= $22.92

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